Important Nottingham Property News

Important Nottingham Property News

Nottingham Property Prices Rise Again

Nottingham property prices have risen once again this year. According to Rightmove, more buyers than ever are snapping up properties. How much is your house worth and is it now time to sell?

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Mortgage Interest Rates Rise

The Bank of England has recently raised the base interest rate from 0.5% to 0.75%, the highest in years. Find out if your mortgage repayments will now go up and what you could potentially do to stop this from happening.

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Selective Licensing for Landlords Begins

Nottingham Selective Licensing has begun. If you are a Landlord with a property in Nottingham City Centre then the deadline has already passed to get a licence to rent out your property. Don't worry though, we have an extension to avoid fines. Find out how you can get this here.

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Nottingham Rental Prices Increase

Rental prices have risen in the East Midlands over the last year. Are you getting the most money for your investment property? Do you need to review your rental income on an investment property you own? Find out how much you could be getting here.

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